“Do or do not… there is no try.”

With 11 minutes left before the end of the first day of 2011, I am setting out my new year’s resolutions.

I had really hoped to begin the year with a really good, in depth post but a few stumbling stones have landed in the way. Moving into a new flat has meant I have been without a good wifi connection for a couple of weeks and so I’ve been working from my Samsung Galaxy S using the tether function. As great as that may sound to android fans, the 3g reception at my new place is pretty poor and so anything I now do online has become a a bit of a chore. With only five more weeks to wait until Sky install my broadband, I’m going to find an alternative tomorrow.

So keeping it brief I would like to make the following three objectives my focus for 2011:

1. Planning – More time spent on it, more engaging activities and deeper thinking.
2. SOLO taxonomy – In 2010 I read, heard and talked about SOLO, but did very little to implement it into teaching and learning. I’ll therefore begin to embed it from the first week back. Post to follow
3. E-learning – With a brand new ICT suite, my students have spent a lot of time doing online learning this past term. Tomorrow I am going to spend some time evaluating the positive and negatives of the experience and plan a route forward, hopefully making more use of the e-learning platform.

Finally, I’ll be taking on board the words of Yoda as consolation.

Its 23.59!


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