QR codes in the classroom

I am currently working with a colleague, @infernaldepart, to develop the use of handheld technologies in the classroom. Having acquired a small number of iphones, we want to use them to capture QR codes or other barcodes to extend their learning online. I have discussed with a number of other colleagues whether there is really a need for such devices; questioning why they can’t simply use textbooks, laptops etc; whether they it’s just me trying to be trendy or setting ‘busy tasks’. After reading a number of other blogs over the past half term, such as Tom Barrett’s QR Codes Improve Web Access I have been inspired and have come up with the following targets for using QR codes:

– Using handheld devices in the classroom will allow learners to access websites specifically set by the teacher info to avoid unreliable or irrelevant google searching and hopefully improve productive learning.

– QR codes aren’t simply for gathering information! They can allow the students to access feedback from teachers on assessed pieces of work.

– Give them to Sixth Form students to scan on their own smart phone to grab their home learning.

– QR codes could be put up around the school to get the learners out of their classroom or to share information with students across the school.

– Independence and enjoyment – As a teacher of RE, I sometimes find that students come into the classroom with a negative attitude towards the subject. Using new technologies may make them think again!

So far we have hit a few problems with 3G connection and wifi, but I will post as soon as we have them up and running (maybe this week!)


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